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4604 Fuqua Street
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Nutrition and Chinese Herbs

Chinese Herbal Supplements are another branch of traditional Chinese veterinary medicine (TCVM) and are used in conjunction with acupuncture. The herbs are used to aid in treatment of specific disease conditions or to prevent problems. Chinese herbs aid in prolonging the effects of acupuncture. Herbs may take longer than western medications to take effect, are not quite as strong and in general have fewer side effects. Chinese herbs are considered the same as medications and should be prescribed for a patient based on exam findings and diagnosis.
Nutritional Counseling and food therapy is another branch of TCVM. After examining your pet and diagnosing any excesses or deficiencies that may be present according to TCVM principles, an appropriate diet can be formulated specifically for the pet. Foods have energy and are classified as hot or cold. Certain foods are also thought to help with certain diseases or strengthen certain organ systems. Foods may be added to a pet’s regular diet or special homemade diets may be prepared for them. Proper diet is essential to the overall health of all animals. Nutritional supplements may also be prescribed to help with certain problems such as arthritis, cancer and age related diseases. ​

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